Cava La Beola

Cava La Beola di Monte is a historic quarry of marble and granite extraction, located between the shores of Lake Maggiore and Val D’Ossola.The marble’s veining reflect the dynamism of the epic surroundings: the Cava is immersed in one of Northern Italy’s most evocative valleys.



Nextones is an international music festival of electronic music and digital arts born in 2014 in the historic marble and granite quarries between the shores of Lake Maggiore and Val D’Ossola, as part of the Tones On The Stones festival. The event takes place over three days of visual, musical performances and exploration of the surrounding natural environment. On the occasion of its sixth edition, Threes – the Milan-based agency focusing on cultural sustainability – takes over the art direction. The communication’s focus is on Photography as a language to represent the quarry’s uniqueness. The first photographic artwork is commissioned to Delfino Sisto Legnani in collaboration with Studio Temp.