Petit Singe

Live: Akash Ganga


Hazina Francia aka Petit Singe is an Indian-born, Italy based producer now living in Milano.
Petit Singe is the avatar created in 2012 as an outlet for her interest in spaced-out romanticism and deep basses, exploring vague reminiscence of her own eastern heritage with a sensibility as close to the old school Adriatic House vibes as to the most recent developments in the darker side of dub and techno. A lover of polyrhythms and breakbeats (previously conveyed in heavy breakcore-oriented productions), her intent is to let the body speak a new shared language of narcotic enchantment.
Her trans dimensional approach is always prone to punctuate the spiritually intense quality of her taste for melody with heavy barrages of drums organized into hard-hitting grooves.

Four years have passed since “Tregua”, Petit Singe’s debut on Haunter Records, it represented Hazina Francia’s move out of the shadows, introducing her unconventional taste for hybridization. Innumerable gigs and experiences later, Francia’s vision and artistic capability have grown richer and broader, leading her to new path.
The 5 tracks that compose her latest lp “Akash Ganga” are here to testify an unresting spiritual investigation. They construct a sonic scenario that brings her mix of post-club sensibilities, and reminiscences of her native India directly into space, injecting her tabla-led polyrhythms with cinematic sound design.

Her work has been performed in festivals and venues of experimental music such as Saturnalia Festival, Dancity Festival, roBOt Festival (IT), 3hd Festival and Haunter Records Night at ACUD (DE), Opaque Poetics Festival and The Waiting Room (UK).