Date and time: Saturday 21 July 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Location: Ghesc workshop village (Montecrestese)
Distance from La Beola di Monte: 5 minutes, 2 km
Cost: € 5

An exploration of the medieval villages with demonstrations of stone construction and the wild woods revealing the true character of this mountainous area. The Val d’Ossola is a land rich in well-preserved historical-architectural features; the centuries-old use of stone has produced in this area constructional elements and idioms very different to one another. The activity comprises a visit to the village workshop at Ghesc, a small medieval hamlet, abandoned for more than a century, in which the majority of the buildings are ruins and represent a practical demonstration of the working of stone and the principal constructional techniques. There will follow a brief excursion along ancient mule tracks completely immersed in nature and visits to a number of abandoned medieval villages. Hands on experience of stone construction permits the historic architecture to be observed and understood from a unique perspective, that of those who conceived it.

Curated by Associazione Canova.

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